We all know how the Court’s handle children in a divorce, they look at their best interests in determining their placement and custody, but did you know that the Wisconsin legislature is now considering that same standard for pets? Currently pets are treated like any other property in a divorce, valued and divided, but that trend seems to be turning around. There are groups lobbying to establish legal rights for pets in a divorce or separation. Alaska has lead the charge with establishing legislation that treats pets almost the same as children, looking to their best interests. This legislation allows the Courts to consider the living arrangements for the pets, the hours you are there to care for them, the veterinary care they will received, the size of your backyard etc. This could potentially require the Courts to establish Furry Guardian ad Litems and placement orders and weekend exchanges. Don’t get me wrong, I love all three of my dogs and no doubt this will drum up more business for my office, but is this really an issue for the Courts? I think we have a hard enough time getting onto the Judge’s calendar without creating more issues. What do you think?