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Since forming Nelson & Lindquist, S.C. in the spring of 2009, Andrew Nelson and Autumn Lindquist have dedicated their practice to making attorneys more approachable. They live, work, and play in the St. Croix Valley, where their friends and neighbors are also their clients!

Our Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

A criminal record is something that will stay with you always. In Wisconsin, those records are accessible by the public...

Family Law

Family law encompasses many difference aspects today. When you think of family law, the typical divorce and custody…

Municipal Law

Running a municipality is difficult on a good day, but it can be more complicated when you run into legal issues...

Estate Planning

There are many difficulties and responsibilities to manage when there is an unexpected death in the family. To help prepare for this...

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation encompasses many different aspects of the law; contract law, tort law, landlord/tenant issues, small claims litigation...

Between Andrew Nelson in his work in Civil, Criminal and Estate Planning and Autumn Lindquist in Family, Probate and Municipal Law, they can answer almost any question that comes up. If they don’t know the answer, they will find someone for you who does.

3 weeks ago
Zoning changes on council agenda

Attorney Nelson was very happy to help this client (and the seller!) persuade the City of Hudson to re-zone the site along Coulee road in Hudson from single family to multi family residential. This ... See more

The Hudson Common Council approved setting a public hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 4 for rezoning of three parcels of land located west off Highway F from agricultural residential to one-family and ... See more


Who Gets Rover?

We all know how the Court’s handle children in a divorce, they look at their best interests in determining their placement and custody, but did you know that the Wisconsin legislature is now considering that same standard for pets? Currently pets are treated like any...

We Didn’t Start the Fire

Fire. It’s what brought us in from the wilderness eons ago. Fire has been present throughout mankind’s history ever since. There are few things in life better than sitting around a campfire with good friends and maybe a few beers as the old stories and jokes are...

This is for the Birds

It is frequently stated that Wisconsin has a law that governs almost everything. Well, the reading of a recently released court of appeals case, simply reinforces that philosophy. in City OF West Allis V. William H. MCCarver The city cited Mr. MCCarver under is newly...

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