Municipal Law

Running a municipality is difficult on a good day, but it can be more complicated when you run into legal issues. Our local municipalities are run by local people from all walks of life, but not many of them have legal backgrounds. Legal complications are rearing their heads in every day decisions from employment to natural disasters and simple traffic accidents. Attorney Lindquist has been assisting municipalities for 10 years in handling these every day decisions. When you can understand the legal consequences of your decisions it helps in lessening the liability to your neighbors and friends. Following the ever changing laws and applying them to your municipality is a challenge that Attorney Lindquist enjoys. Municipal Court is another system that can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of local counsel. When you have your own police department, and your own ordinances, it helps to have your own Municipal Court. This assists your municipality financially by keeping a percentage of the forfeitures in the municipality, provides your officers the opportunity to testify locally and keep the offenders answering to their local peers. Attorney Nelson, with his criminal defense experience, assists your law enforcement and court officers in running a smooth court room. He trains your officers on writing proper reports, assists your municipal clerks with subpoenas and court orders and even helps your judge to understand the local ordinances and rules of evidence as they apply at a trial. By getting the assistance of an attorney at the front end, lessens the need for an attorney to fix a mistake down the road.