Family Law

Family law encompasses many difference aspects today. When you think of family law, the typical divorce and custody come to mind, but our system has grown more complicated than that. Family law is also paternity, placement, child support, maintenance, contempt, grandparent and third party visitation. The Family Law system can sometimes be intimidating, especially since this is your family your life and your world. Although the courts have tried, there is nothing user friendly about the system. Attorney Lindquist has been handling complicated family matters for over 10 years all around the state. She does her best to handle the process for you, while you deal with the emotional fall out. Her philosophy is to make your family law situation as least traumatic as possible for you and your family. A divorce should not be the most difficult thing you go through in your life. It is the ending of a marriage, but done properly and efficiently, it should not define you. With the assistance of Attorney Lindquist, you can allow her to handle the process, while you begin to heal. In Wisconsin, you do not have rights for your child until paternity is established. Again, the process is one that is all too complicated for anyone to navigate alone. Attorney Lindquist can handle the navigation and assure you that rights will be established while you are getting to know the new center of your world. Child support and maintenance are other matters that are constantly changing in Wisconsin. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with the changes in the law, while you are trying to keep up with your family. Knowing the law and how it applies to your family is Attorney Lindquist’s job and she enjoys the challenge. Family law matters are fluid, meaning they are always changing and can require multiple trips to the courthouse over the years. You need to establish a relationship with a lawyer that you can trust and be confident in. Attorney Lindquist is that lawyer. She will always give you an honest evaluation of your situation and be there for you when you need her. A family law attorney is more than just your lawyer, but also your friend