Estate Planning

We have all heard the horror stories that follow when there is an unexpected death in the family. These stories are not made up, they happen to real families every day. The only way to ensure that they don’t happen to yours is to consult with Attorney Nelson to get the proper Estate Planning in place. In Wisconsin if you die without a will, your “estate” is handled intestate- meaning being distributed through the statutory definitions of your heirs. This can be very complicated and consequences that you did not foresee, especially for second marriages. Statutorily, the estates of those get split into half, half to the new spouse and then half to the children of the first spouse. Most people don’t know that their estate is going to be distributed that way and neither do their new spouses. With a proper estate plan, those complications can be avoided and you can dictate the distribution of your estate. Your money, your family, your terms. Powers of attorney have become very necessary with the medicine of today as well. If you do not want to be kept alive by machines or want your organs donated to assist others, there is only one way to ensure that happens, assigning a power of attorney. Attorney Nelson can help you choose the right person for that job. He will walk you through the pros and cons of deciding who should be left in charge of your final wishes. Additionally, he can help you decide if a trust is necessary to protect your family’s interests. A trust is an independent owner of your assets and can help your preserve your estate from crippling nursing home costs and other medical disasters. Attorney Nelson will educate you on the responsibilities of a trust and discuss whether or not that is something you should consider to protect and preserve your estate. A good estate plan is your best investment in the future of those your love.