A criminal record is something that will stay with you always. In Wisconsin, those records are accessible by the public through the WCCAP system, allowing any employer or anyone else to check on your offenses against the state. It can affect your employment, your ability to rent a home, your entrance into the military and even your future education. Attorney Nelson can assist you in your criminal defense. His knowledge of the criminal system can help you lessen those charges or get them dismissed altogether. Attorney Nelson has worked for the last 5 years on assisting clients with their criminal defense. He has handled complicated felony cases, misdemeanors, OWI’s and traffic offenses. How your case it handled and its outcome is critical to your future. Not only can the forfeitures be crippling to your economic situation, but the possibility of incarceration can be detrimental to your family. A felony conviction is subject to over a year in jail, and possibly prison. A misdemeanor can sometimes require a $10,000 fine, in addition to jail time or years of probation. The sooner you have assistance on your side, the better your criminal defense will be. Attorney Nelson can commence his assistance immediately. A call to the office as soon as possible after the arrest, will allow him to argue for a lesser bond at your initial appearance, therefore giving you greater chances to be out of jail to assist him with your own defense. If necessary, a private investigator can be employed to help get to the bottom of your case. Attorney Nelson has handled cases in Polk, St. Croix, Dunn, Pierce, Washburn, Burnett, Eau Claire, Buffalo and Pepin counties. With his assistance on your criminal matter, you can be assured that it will be handled swiftly, professionally and competently. A good criminal defense lawyer is your best option for the best outcome.