Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation encompasses many different aspects of the law; contract law, tort law, landlord/tenant issues, small claims litigation, employment law and civil rights violations. In Wisconsin each avenue is unique and requires a different process and procedure to reach the end result. Attorney Nelson enjoys the challenge that each situation brings. Ultimately a civil law suit in encompassing in all aspects of your life. Having the assistance of counsel can help ease your mind as you attempt to work through the system. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in any of these situations, Attorney Nelson can help you reach a resolution that works for you. As in most litigation, many individuals get caught up in the emotional and personal strife that brought them to this situation, where the assistance of counsel helps you see outside the fog of litigation and focus on a realistic resolution. Attorney Nelson has handled cases for: landlords and tenants, plaintiffs and defendants, employers and employees and has even taken some of these cases to the Court of Appeals. His experience in handling these civil litigation matters will ensure you the best possible result with the least amount of hassle.