Domestic abuse restraining orders

In Wisconsin there are three main types of restraining orders: 1) Domestic Abuse Restraining Orders; 2) Child Abuse Restraining Orders; and 3) Harassment Restraining Orders.  Although they are used as a collective term, they are very distinguishable orders, requiring very different elements of proof.  Due to the rise in reported case of domestic abuse, here… MORE

To attack or not to attack….that is the question!

In drunk driving cases in Wisconsin, a person charged with their 2nd or subsequent offense has the opportunity to challenge the validity of prior convictions in their current matter.  The only situation a defendant can challenge a previous conviction is when they were not represented by an attorney on the previous matter.  If a defendant… MORE

Venue- Where to do I file?

Working here on the border, we often have questions come up as to where a case can/should be heard, Wisconsin vs. Minnesota.  There are some attorneys here in Hudson that work on both sides of the border, but at Nelson & Lindquist, S.C. we only handle cases in Wisconsin.   You have to be a… MORE