As seen on T.V.

Attorney’s Nelson and Lindquist have produced a commercial describing why our firm is the place to go to get the best “direction” for your legal needs. We had fun putting this together, so enjoy the clip! You can also see us on the City of Hudson and St Croix County welcome page.

We didn’t start the fire.

Fire. It’s what brought us in from the wilderness eons ago. Fire has been present throughout mankind’s history ever since. There are few things in life better than sitting around a campfire with good friends and maybe a few beers as the old stories and jokes are shared again and again. How nice is it… MORE

This is for the birds

It is frequently stated that Wisconsin has a law that governs almost everything. Well, the reading of a recently released court of appeals case, simply reinforces that philosophy. in City OF West Allis V. William H. MCCarver The city cited Mr. MCCarver under is newly revised municipal ordinance § 7.14(3), “Elimination of Rat Feeding Places.”… MORE

Getting the proper approval

A picture of the St. Croix in Wintertime When starting a construction project, putting in a road, establishing a driveway, building a deck, pouring a sidewalk, planning a development etc. It is always a good idea to seek the assistance of professionals who can help you get the proper permits, certifications and approvals before starting a project that you cannot finish. It is… MORE

When does “Harassment” get you a restraining order?

Wisconsin has defined harassment in Wis. Stat. §813.125(1) as any of the following: “(a) Striking, shoving, kicking or otherwise subjecting another person to physical contact; engaging in an act that would constitute abuse under §48.02(1), sexual assault under §940.225, or staking under §940.32; or attempting or threatening to do the same. (b) Engaging in a… MORE

Child Support, does is ever really get reviewed?

Child support is like anything child related when it comes to the court, always susceptible for review. Child support is governed by Wisconsin Statute DCF 150. Once child support has been set, either parent can request review after three years. Although a lot of divorce papers require an annual review, this is typically not tracked… MORE

There is always something…

It has been some time since I provided an updated Blog post. Why is that? I went so far as to schedule a time every two weeks on my calendar to set aside just so I can write this and provide just a little bit of information on our website and on our facebook page… MORE


I served 8 years in the Army Reserves.  The military has a habit of turning everything into shorthand and acronyms.  They were the original texters, I think!  The military minds would know what I was talking about if I said “it is SOP to conduct a SRP, combined with PT/WT while on a GTE”.  Much… MORE

Communicating with your attorney

One of the most challenging pieces of being an attorney is learning the art of communication. In law school we are taught statutes, procedures and how to talk to a jury, but no one really discusses the importance of communicating with your client. It is pivotal in any attorney- client relationship that you understand why… MORE